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  1. greggles

    Economic implications of a SARS/Coronavirus outbreak

    I've always thought that when the end comes for humankind on this planet, it will be a highly contagious deadly virus that wipes us out. It will be nature's way of getting rid of what is throwing the balance of nature out. With the world's population continuing to increase at a rate of knots...
  2. greggles

    Will Trump's tariffs lead to a global trade war?

    There is talk that Donald Trump's introduction of tariffs last week on steel and aluminium imports to the U.S. could spark a full-blown global trade war that may have dire economic consequences, including a slow drift into recession. It seems as though Trump is willing to sacrifice...
  3. numbercruncher

    Global economy grinds to a Halt - IMF

    Can surely only get worse ......,25197,24973302-601,00.html I heard from some trustworthy ASF permabulls that Oztraaalian RE is booming though ?? :D
  4. H

    Haunting's economics blog

    ...a dinner withChinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan We will be hearing a lot more from Wang now that he has been introduced. Between him and Paulson and all the deals that had been announced that worth tens of billion, what is not clearly reported is this - many are taking the view that...