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  1. greggles

    Financial bubble prediction and discussion

    All the discussion and debate recently about the Bitcoin and associated cryptocurrency bubble has got me thinking about financial bubbles generally. Here is a list of the ones I can think of over the last 20 years. Dot-com bubble 2000s commodities bubble United States housing bubble China stock...
  2. M

    Seeking Investors with Margin Loans who suffered negligence from loan providers

    We are trying to determine the number of sharemarket and managed fund investors who were affected during the GFC in 2008 by negligent loan providers, for a potential Class Action against these financial institutions for professional negligence in the management of Margin Loans. This is...
  3. A

    Robert Wiedemer: A bigger fall than the GFC?

    Robert Wiedemer apparently says in his book "Aftershock" that we are headed for a bigger fall than the GFC. His point is that the last few decades have been built on a bubble rather than productivity and that there will be an asset crash by 2014 of up to 50%. Just wondering what people thoughts...
  4. P

    GFC 2 - or correction?

    Just wanted to sample the good folk on this forum with respect to the question above. Would it be to impertinent to get a show of hands? Been reading some worrying threads here and elsewhere where some seem convinced we're headed down to at least 4300. You guys agree or disagree?
  5. E

    GFC Shares

    Hi If the shares prices drop back to GFC levels again, which 5 shares you buy the most to maximise profit in short term ( 9 months - year ) along with investing into safe corporations? I am preparing my own list.. Will add soon This may be helpful discussion if we really see another...
  6. MrBurns

    GFC 2

    I think it's time to stop kiddng ourselves, it's already here. Greece will lead to Spain and China will get the hic ups, even more than now, Retravision is the daily horror story - This might get...
  7. baby_swallow

    New Financial Zodiac - Kung Hei Fat Choi

    (courtesy of Zero-Hedge)
  8. M

    Bank Lending Results & Interest Rates

    As usual, the end of the month sees APRA releasing the bank balance sheets for the previous month (June 2011). Overall, the picture of lending in Australia is one of a negative trend. The graph below is annual year on year growth rates of each of the lending sectors. Owner Occupied and...
  9. notting

    The hidden positive amidst Global Financial Chaos!

    Taking a Macro View. What people don't seem to be noticing about this whole ongoing GFC is China. The roll it played to bring this all about. They kept there currency and labor costs so artificially low by using slave labor and currency manipulation to monopolized global manufacturing and...
  10. H

    GFC timeline

    the following timeline is not intended to be definitive the timeline commences in Dec '06 the timeline comprises excerpts from a number of articles published at the time (note, no articles have been reproduced in full) the dates given are for the publication dates of the articles whilst no...