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  1. S

    Globalism: power, politics and the world economy

    ( European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations 'to be morphed into one' post-Brexit This information shows what factors could be influencing the Keynesian...
  2. System

    MUE - Multiplex European Property Fund

    Multiplex European Property Fund (MUE) is a property trust listed on the ASX which owns 92% interest in 67 property assets located throughout Germany, comprising 55 retail properties, six nursing homes, three logistic properties and three office properties. Brookfield Multiplex Capital...
  3. C

    EU to Find Long Term Solution to Debt Issue - It's in Germany's Interest & the PIIGS

    Hey Guys While all the news comes out in the media while we wait for the EU Summit later this week, that the EU will be broken up and there is no future for the Euro, the important thing to listen to is not people who are interpreting the situation, but the main protagonists involved in the...
  4. wayneL

    German Culture/Beer

    Well despite my giving Austin_Powers69 such a hard time in the SBM thread, I am actually quite fond of German culture and.... ummm, beer. I was interested to look up Austins' favourite brew... looks like one I should try. :D Any other fans?