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    Long call as substitute for geared portfolio

    Hey guys, newbie here. Starting out in my investment journey where I have decent cash flows from my job but not much equity at this stage so looking at gearing to maximise my exposure. Was originally looking at getting an investment property as I can leverage right up but given the market at the...
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    SMSF Borrowing/Gearing - thoughts?

    I did a search and the only thread I found was quite old. I've done some homework in terms of the legalities, but I'm more interested in the Forums feeling on the adviseability of this sort of investment strategy for SMSF's and how it might best be safely utilised, which banks are providing...
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    Gearing and the ASX 200 index

    Hi all I understand that as a rough guide, one can calculate the approximate change in the share price and the corresponding change in the warrant price using the gearing value - how does one calculate the approximate change in the warrant price for a ASX200 index warrant. Say, if the...