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  1. InsvestoBoy

    Market Capitalisation / GDP thread

    I posted a few times the market cap/gdp ratio charts in another thread but I figured might as well start a new one. Data sources: ASX total market cap - (unfortunately the new ASX website only has data going back to...
  2. S

    Calculating real GDP?

    I know what both of these are (Real and Nominal GDP) but I'm trying to figure out how the ABS got these figures. I know nominal GDP is adjusted for inflation so I've included the CPI Change and the CPI deflator below. I don't suppose anyone can show me how the ABS got their real GDP figure...
  3. C

    GDP Growth and Terminal Growth Rate in DDM

    Hi everyone I am just trying to polish up my understanding of the dividend discount model when valuing companies. In essence, this entails: 1. Forecasting dividends from a company over say a 5 year period; 2. Estimating a terminal value of the company's shares at the end of the 5 year...
  4. DeepState

    EU Banking Review and GDP Outlook

    Whilst the stability of the Chinese banking system is probably the largest single issue with the potential to disrupt markets presently, the moribund banking system in Europe vies for second place. Banking Union has three pillars: - Single Supervisory Mechanism (for systemic banks) -...
  5. young-gun

    What is GDP?

    Can someone please give me a detailed run-down of exactly what gross domestic product is, how the value is obtained, what relation it has to an economy, why it is so important, and exactly what it's an indicator of. Also if someone could give me examples of good and bad gdp and maybe some...
  6. M

    Interest Rates, GDP & Inflation

    The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures came out last week, and as everyone now knows, the headline rate was a fall of 1.2% in March GDP from December GDP. Much is written and analysed about this figure and the implications it has for our economy. It is interesting to analyse the figures in...
  7. M

    Media Playing Up The Bear Case - Be Careful

    I noticed yesterday that the mainstream media headlines really played up the bearish story on the fall in company gross operating profits. The March 2011 quarter profits fell by 2% from the previous quarter. According to the ABS, March profits came in at $63.5 Billion, down from December's $64.8...