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    GDC - Global Data Centre Group

    The 360 Capital Digital Infrastructure Fund aims to provide Unitholders with income and capital returns from investing in a diverse portfolio of digital infrastructure assets. The Investment Manager believes that the digital revolution is creating a once-in-a-lifetime investment cycle in...
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    GDC - GeoCrystal Limited

    GeoCrystal Limited is a diamond exploration company incorporated on 9 February 2007. Since incorporation the Company have assembled a portfolio of advanced diamond projects in the Gibson Desert region of Western Australia and in the Daly River area of the Northern Territory. The Company...
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    MainStreet Group of companies and GDC

    Interesting bit of information for those who are considering giving Mr Hannan money (or anything to do with "cabit' technology or anything to do with 'mainstreet money'). Seems he is owing some serious money. Might have something to do with recent Supreme Court Proceedings where he owes a...