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  1. willoneau

    GBPUSD thoughts

    Watching the price at moment waiting to see if it turns around
  2. L

    My first GBP/USD trade with IB

    Hi , I am new here, I am originally French living in Australia with Aussie wife and kids working full time. I have been investing the Australian Equity market for 6 years with success. However, after taking the course for the CFA I now feel it is not important to diversify over less correlated...
  3. Dominover

    Rise in AUD/GBP

    I'm probably heading over to the UK from Australia in coming years and I see that the AUD/GBP rate is climbing. I'm thinking that it's best I open a foreign currency bank account with no fees. HSBC has one.. So does CBA. Is this a good way to do this.. Transfer some AUD to GBP, store it in...
  4. F

    GBP FX Calls

    Hello All, This is my inaugural post on your forums, and I wish I could say I was a slightly more educated investor.....but I can't. However, to save being tiresome and plain moronic.....I have tried to do some homework prior to posting. Essentially, here are my 'thoughts, goals and...
  5. H

    Why is Brexit weakening the Pound?

    Why not strengthen the pound instead? Why is Brexit bad for the pound? Can anyone explain?
  6. P

    GBP/NZD Analysis

    GBP/NZD was in a strong and consistent uptrend during the recent days that buyers were successful in obtaining the highest price of 1.96327. price with reaching to the Down Trendline which is shown in the picture below ( made of 2 Top prices) and the important Resistance level(Support to...
  7. P

    GBP/CHF Analysis

    GBP/CHF in recent weeks, has been experienced many reformation with a gradual Downtrend that Sellers Down price increases obtained the lowest price of is obvious in the picture below, the price by reaching to the ascending trend line made of 2 Bottom prices has been stopped from more...
  8. A

    Could GBP vs. USD go to parity?

    I was looking at long term charts and when I looked at the monthly GBP/USD chart I noticed a rather disturbing pennant. The drop before the pennant starts around $2 and the pennant is around $1.50 which would give a target range around $1. Does anyone think this is likely? Mike.
  9. Tradesurfer


    I've been short and now riding the nice downtrend. Question is, is this the pair to me in on the short side now? Weakening currency against the one with the highest interest rate (of the developed/main pairs). Aussie seems to indicate a possible tightening of rates while Britain seems to...
  10. Investor123

    EUR/GBP range trading maintains

    EURGBP has been trading in a range for 4 months. Resistance level is at 0.8105 and support is at 0.7796. Fundamentally both Europe and UK economies are weak, and both economies are likely to cut interest rate over the next few months. I believe this range trading will maintain. Currently...
  11. Kauri


    looking like she might like another drop, or 5..??? Cheers .........Kauri
  12. Kauri


    In for a short... and I was going out tonight.. :( Cheers ...Kauri
  13. N

    GBP, HKD, JPY, USD or EUR?

    Couldnt find a good title for the thread, but basically taking a long term view, which currency has the best outlook against AUD? Im guessing not the Greenback, but which is the pick from the others? And no -its NOT coz i wanna trade currencies with a buy and hold approach Buffet styles...