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  1. P

    My Cats Are GAY!!!

    My cats are gay, I mean really look at them smooching all over each other. They are both males, so their really is no denying that they are homosexuals. I am not disgusted by their actions rather just merely amused. I mean really what can I do but stand back and watch the show.
  2. ghotib

    Gay parenting

    I'm starting a new thread for this because I think it's a separate issue from gay marriage. My question is: What's uniquely gay about gay parenting? Of all the mundane, hilarious, terrifying, joyous, tender, infuriating, proud, teary, embarrassing, ferocious, peaceful moments that go...
  3. MrBurns

    Are you Gay? Time to fess up...

    Well I'm not but sometimes I wish I were, women just complcate life. Anyway if you're game you can fess up here.