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  1. O

    Catching Gaps for Vertex FX

    Hello, We have converted an Expert Advisor Catching Gaps for Vertex FX. Catching Gaps is a very powerfull Expert Advisor for VertexFX that catches the gaps and use it to place orders and generate profit. The EA opens a trade when there is a price gap. Gaps are usually found when new...
  2. System

    GAP - Gale Pacific

    Gale Pacific Limited (GAP) is a marketer and manufacturer of screening and shading products for domestic, commercial and industrial applications with operations in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Middle East and China. GAP operates two businesses: Commercial Synthesis brand; and Retail -...
  3. K

    Liability if market gaps

    Hello, Quick question. What happens, for example, if you have $1,000 in your trading account. And you have a trade position open which gaps and goes past your stop loss. What if the price continues to drop sharply so that it not only eats up all your $1,000 but continues to drop. My...
  4. MrMonk

    Amibroker AFL EOD gap to trigger intraday trade

    Hi All I'm struggling with the following AFL and would appreciate some help. The system is based on an opening gap on the daily chart, but traded on an intraday periodicity, normally 5 or 15 minutes. The primary and simplified components of the system is as follows: Condition 1. The...