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  1. Kireyzma

    ASX Sharemarket Game 2015

    Anyone playing the ASX Sharemarket game??? If so, let's trade tips and strategies
  2. L

    ASX Sharemarket Game 2014

    why are some of the stocks not listed in the game? GFF just lost 20.82% and i wanna buy it but its not listed in the game.
  3. Gringotts Bank

    Van Tharp's Position Sizing Game

    I've just downloaded and had a play with this. First 3 levels are free. I don't get it! What can be learnt from this other than don't go over 2% and don't go too much under 1%? Am I missing something? Why does he make it so that you have to sit there with your calculator entering the...
  4. E

    ASX Sharemarket Game 2012

    Hi All, Thought I'd start a thread on the upcoming ASX game as it Starts this week sometime (I think rego's close in the next day or so) I've been doing a bit of reading lately and have a concept where I want to combine fundamental analysis with technical analysis because fundamental...
  5. pavilion103

    ASX Sharemarket Game 2011

    Is anyone getting involved in this game? I am quite new to trading and while I'm developing my system I will take the opportunity to test myself against the live market in this game. Looking forward to it :)
  6. BrightGreenGlow

    The game of Rugby League NRL

    Who thinks the a referees' decisions often impact game results depending on interpretation of the rule book?
  7. C

    ASX Sharemarket Game - Give me some tips!

    Outline - Ok, so you start with $50 000 hypothetical cash. So far after two days I am down to $49 707. - National leader is at approx 51k What I would like to no If you can spare a second! Not necessarily who to invest in. I need to learn how to figure it out for myself. But some...
  8. R

    ASX Sharemarket Game 2008

    Apologies if this has been mentioned but i couldn't find a reference to it for the 1st game for 2008 but registration is now open for those of you who want to practise with some play money. Game commences 21st Feb.
  9. JetDollars

    ASX Sharemarket Game 2004

    Hi All, Anyone here playing the ASX Sharemarket Game at the moment? I am, but I am not doing well at this stage. If you do play the game: 1. What is your strategy to be successful? 2. Has are you going about selecting the stocks? Using fundamental or technical analysis? Hope to hear from you.