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  1. H

    Suggestions on curbing the gambling problem in Australia

    Australian gamblers are world number 1 by far way ahead over the world number 2 when it comes to gambling losses according to this Economist article. I suggest that the government impose extra hefty taxes on the profits of casinos. The next best thing to punish the casinos would be to force them...
  2. Gringotts Bank

    Iowa Gambling Task

    Hunches are more powerful/accurate than conscious decision making. That doesn't mean that your hunches will necessarily be accurate; just that they will be more accurate on average than choices made consciously. How many of us traders have entered a discretionary trade knowing on some level...
  3. Tyler Durden

    Any gamblers here?

    This may be a rather silly question to ask, given how sensible everyone here must be to spend time on an investment forum, but just wondering if anyone here gambles? This includes sports betting, pokies, casino games, lotto tickets etc. In a news article I read recently listing the top things...
  4. Julia

    Gambling restrictions

    Apparently one of the conditions Andrew Wilkie extracted as a promise from Julia Gillard in return for supporting her at the last election was an undertaking to place automated restrictions on poker machines. I may have not entirely understood the proposed mechanism, but it seems that before...
  5. tech/a

    Gambling Threads

    Whats the story. Conventional methods of income producing sources No longer appealing? To hard? Takes to long?
  6. Nyden

    Problem Gamblers?

    Hello there! I just got to wondering today - if anyone here either suffers, or is effected in anyway by a gambling addiction? I figured on a stock trading forum, there might be a few. And on that note - how does it effect you? Post away, and satisfy my curiosity :p:
  7. waza1960

    Gambling and Trading

    Would like to know from fellow members if any are gamblers and thoughts on such.I like playing Blackjack and enjoy playing as long as I don't lose quickly.You could say that traders with a (hopefully)enhanced view on odds and percentages may avoid gambling i.e the house always wins or on the...