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    FXCM USA in trouble with CFTC and NFA Hope ASIC takes notice of this
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    Trading from Sydney through Ninjatrader with FXCM (New York), latency over 340ms

    Dear Traders and Investors, Has anyone here any experience with internet providers in Sydney, Australia that have the lowest latency vs FXCM or any servers in New York? I am trading using Ninjatrader vs my FXCM server in New York (Australian account), and I am experiencing very high...
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    Using NinjaTrader through FXCM

    Hi just wanting to know if anyone has any experience using ninja trader through fxcm, would like to know how u are finding it to use and trade with? Cheers
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    Who to trade with? Scalping EUR/USD, IB *was* perfect... :(

    A few years ago I traded forex profitably with Interactive Brokers, and I've been practicing the last couple of weeks, with a view to get back in (got 40 pips clear, both weeks). Problem is, IB don't offer Aussies margin accounts any more. I can't trade live. I scalp EUR/USD off the...
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    FXCM sets up shop locally

    Got this email last night. Dear Client: This is an important e-mail notifying you of changes that apply to FXCM’s Australian clients. Our goal is to provide you with local support and local regulatory protection. We are happy to announce the launch of FXCM Australia Limited which...