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  1. Dominover

    Super Contango WTI Futures?

    I'm confused about the concept of Contango. It should be relatively easy to understand but the different way's it's referenced in the media seem wrong to me. I always thought that Contango describes a situation where the futures price of a commodity is above the spot price (as is the case in...
  2. jjbinks

    Systematic Futures Trading

    Hi All, So as some may now my experiment trading US stocks using a trend following system ended last week. I decided the efforts compared to trading ASX did not justify taking it to real trading. I am contemplating looking at developing and trading a futures system but keen to hear what...
  3. pollen

    Futures Trading Systems Algorithmic Strategies

    hello to all the beautiful forum I'm a futures trading enthusiast in general I often use algorithmic automated systems , I wanted to exchange some opinions about services that you use and that you think are reliable , about receiving medium-term operational signals on futures indices
  4. BinksInTown

    Rolling and expiry dates for emissions futures contracts

    Hello, I'm trying to work with historical prices of futures on emissions EUA, which I downloaded from Bloomberg terminal. I have timeseries which span years, and I need to find corresponding rolling dates and expiry dates. Questions: for given below contract description, MO13 Comdty, what does...
  5. E

    Short Strategy Recommendations?

    Hi, I'm looking for an ASX200 index short trade (option?) that would fulfill the following criteria: 1) Highly leveraged. 2) I can't loose more than my equity. 3) If the index goes up, I loose all of my equity (obviously). 4) If the index goes down 0.1% to 15%, I loose all of my equity 5) If...
  6. 3lliot

    Daytrading futures at the weekends

    Does anyone trade futures at the weekend? is there anything with decent volume?
  7. T

    Cheapest Way to Get CME Data?

    I'm signing up to interactive Brokers with corporate trustee so I can open a margin account. The biggest drawback so far are the market data fees because this kind of account is considered "professional". As it stands, this would be just over a $1000 drag on profits p.a. Does anyone know any...
  8. T

    What's it like to get a margin call with Interactive Brokers?

    Hi all, I've been reading a lot about futures and options and I'm waiting to learn more before I dip my toe. One the things on my mind is what are the mechanics of a margin call on derivatives, specifically with IB. I'm planning on holding cash and bonds while trading futures/future options...
  9. Gringotts Bank

    Futures blog, GB

    Trendlines, patterns and wave volume. Markets are going sideways. Expecting an upwards explosion at some point.
  10. sommi

    (Spreading, Bond Futures) It's been 4-5yrs I'm back

    Is anybody still alive out there? I think I was last here in 2013. I'm still trading and doing bonds, spreading etc. Significantly expanded from pure Aussie related stuff days. I am on EliteTrader and my posts have a lot of content.. edge if you will (username s0mmi) Only for the dedicated...
  11. H

    No stop loss for long-term trading in index futures?

    For intra-day day trading in stock index futures, I understand the importance of having stop losses. For longer-term trading that can span for weeks and months, is it advisable not to have stop losses? Having stops may cause a long-term trader to lose his position on a day which has a big spike...
  12. W

    Best Trending Futures during Australian RTH

    Hello Aussie Traders, Which Futures are trending well and are liquid and best suitable to trade during normal Australian RTH hours? I like NQ, YM but I can not stay up all night to trade on the US RTH. What is your experience with Hang Seng, Nikkei etc and what are the symbols for the Futures...
  13. M

    SMSF Accountant/Treatment of Futures in Tax

    Hello 2 separate topics but some how related 1) I m searching for an budget ( under $1000 including audit) SMSF accountant for a small SMSF, I know there are few around but many of them restrict what broker you use! I need somebody who will allow Interactive Brokers, Also the accountant need...
  14. K

    Broker/Platform for futures day trading

    Hi all, I'm a newbie who's interested in day trading futures, and possibly options. What brokers/platforms do you use here in Oz? I'd be looking for one that has a good DOM feature (and simulator obviously :)). Thanks in advance!
  15. CanOz

    The ASF Futures Playbook - A collection of plays to develop on your own

    This thread hopefully will serve as a repository of favorite plays for the various futures contracts we all trade. I have several file folders in different formats covering different instruments and time frames. As some of you know, we're onto our second son's early months now and i just don't...
  16. jjbinks

    Futures Data ideally for free

    Hey guys I am interested in experimenting with back testing futures strategies on amibroker Was wondering if anyone could point to any good sources I was contemplating buy historical data with norgate. Currently use there asx data I am not likely to trade any time soon. Just...
  17. M

    Large US Futures broker visiting Australia in November

    A BDM of a large FCM USA Futures broker is visiting Australia between 13-17 Nov (15-17 in Brisbane) If anybody is interested in have a meet up pl pm me ( in Brisbane)
  18. M

    Futures comms free broker

    Equity has robinhood a comms free broker in USA NOW THIS ONE IN fUTURES A game changer or something that only will suit few players? FCM seEms to be Dorman Accepts AUS clients Example 1 ES is , $1.17 exchange, $0.01 NFA, $0.09 clearing for $1.27 per...
  19. M

    Weekly Option (on Futures)

    Would like to explore ask few things about use of Weekly Expiry options ( Options on Futures NOT on ETF or Stock ) To start with although they "look" cheap" because of the short duration on an annualized basis they are expensive! For example I checked the cost of a ATM PUT on ES ( ES @2170)...
  20. A

    Trading USD futures with AUD cash

    Got a cash account (not margin account) in IB. Can't trade forex to convert AUD to USD (ASIC regulation) Can I trade USD futures backing them with AUD cash ? cheers