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    Brokers I can use together with Ninjatrader for Futures with good Margin

    Hello Ozzie Traders, Which brokers can I use that would offer me connectivity and chart trading using Ninjatrader that would allow me good intraday margin if I live in Australia? IB (interactive brokers) does not offer any margin accounts for individual traders, and also their intraday margins...
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    A 2014 comparison of futures brokers for Aussie and US bonds

    Hi all, Ive been looking around for a futures broker that deals with Australian and US bond futures. Currently I am using AMP Futures as I've found them to be the cheapest. So far the service and data have been acceptable. The downside is that when placing an order there is almost half a...
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    Personal Experiences with Futures Brokers

    Hi All. I will be moving to AUS soon and trade futures (specifically US). I'm trading a personally developed trend system that is ALWAYS in the market (important that overnight margins won't kill me). I typically trade 10-15 contracts per trip. I'm looking for a low commission broker with a...
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    Futures brokers?

    Hello all, Can anyone here tell me of a Futures Broker that they would recommend? Regards, Brent2