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  1. csk98_

    Best platform for ASX Mini SPI 200

    Hey everyone! I've been trading the mini es futures on ninja trader for 2 years and am wanting to begin trading the ASX mini spi futures. Does anyone have any good recommendations for the best brokers and platforms for the ASX spi? Also, is it possible to get ASX mini spi 200 futures data on...
  2. Luke_Kim

    Futures broker Australia

    Hello All. My name is Luke and I am from Brisbane. I am currently looking at making the conversion from Forex trading on MT4/5. I am looking at heading to bookmap platform and their MBO addon. To do this I will need to change brokers from Pepperstone to a futures broker that supports bookmap...
  3. Szymon

    Looking for a reputable CBOT/CME Futures broker to trade currencies

    Hi All, I am currently on the look out for a reputable CBOT/CME broker, preferably based in Australia. Any suggestions? Cheers, Szymon
  4. M

    Large US Futures broker visiting Australia in November

    A BDM of a large FCM USA Futures broker is visiting Australia between 13-17 Nov (15-17 in Brisbane) If anybody is interested in have a meet up pl pm me ( in Brisbane)
  5. M

    Futures comms free broker

    Equity has robinhood a comms free broker in USA NOW THIS ONE IN fUTURES A game changer or something that only will suit few players? FCM seEms to be Dorman Accepts AUS clients Example 1 ES is , $1.17 exchange, $0.01 NFA, $0.09 clearing for $1.27 per...
  6. R

    NinjaTrader is becoming a Futures Broker!

    So NinjaTrader has taken over Mirus Futures.... I personally have never used Mirus, but from what I hear they seem to have a very good reputation. Brokerage fees don't look to bad either...
  7. havaiana

    Generic Trade Review (discount futures broker)

    Just thought I'd give a quick review of a broker I've been using for the last month. Generic Trade ( are an 'introducing broker' for Ironbeam ( As you will see they are a good option for those of us not trading big volume that just want...
  8. P

    Australian Futures Brokers

    Any recommendations for an Australian futures broker that can handle the following order types - stop, stop limit, limit, oco. My main concerns are order execution (online or manual) ,security of funds and competitive brokerage.
  9. A

    Best DMA futures broker?

    hi everyone my first post, advice on a good dma futures broker any suggestions i have been looking at halifax investments not sure if they are dma, i know ig markets isnt dma, mf global is dma. cheers
  10. A

    Best broker for options/futures MM

    Hello, Since my previous thread was deleted for some reason :), here's the question - what's the best broker for professional company for trading options/futures as MM? Your answers will be greatly appreciated