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  1. Szymon

    Looking for a reputable CBOT/CME Futures broker to trade currencies

    Hi All, I am currently on the look out for a reputable CBOT/CME broker, preferably based in Australia. Any suggestions? Cheers, Szymon
  2. M

    Large US Futures broker visiting Australia in November

    A BDM of a large FCM USA Futures broker is visiting Australia between 13-17 Nov (15-17 in Brisbane) If anybody is interested in have a meet up pl pm me ( in Brisbane)
  3. M

    Futures comms free broker

    Equity has robinhood a comms free broker in USA NOW THIS ONE IN fUTURES A game changer or something that only will suit few players? FCM seEms to be Dorman Accepts AUS clients Example 1 ES is , $1.17 exchange, $0.01 NFA, $0.09 clearing for $1.27 per...
  4. R

    NinjaTrader is becoming a Futures Broker!

    So NinjaTrader has taken over Mirus Futures.... I personally have never used Mirus, but from what I hear they seem to have a very good reputation. Brokerage fees don't look to bad either...
  5. havaiana

    Generic Trade Review (discount futures broker)

    Just thought I'd give a quick review of a broker I've been using for the last month. Generic Trade ( are an 'introducing broker' for Ironbeam ( As you will see they are a good option for those of us not trading big volume that just want...
  6. P

    Australian Futures Brokers

    Any recommendations for an Australian futures broker that can handle the following order types - stop, stop limit, limit, oco. My main concerns are order execution (online or manual) ,security of funds and competitive brokerage.
  7. A

    Best DMA futures broker?

    hi everyone my first post, advice on a good dma futures broker any suggestions i have been looking at halifax investments not sure if they are dma, i know ig markets isnt dma, mf global is dma. cheers