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  1. K

    Anyone in money market funds?

    New to investing, still doing my homework. Found some helpful info from these boards and curious if anyone is using this?
  2. D

    Not new to stocks, but new to funds

    Hello, Thank you for the add. I've got $50k I'd like to invest and have been thinking about investing in emerging markets in funds. One such country I'm interested in is India with the Australian fund MINDEX. Hoping to gain some insight into whether this is a good idea or whether I...
  3. J

    Index Funds

    Hi there, Done a search on index funds. Looking at my options deciding between STW and IOZ. I hear a lot supporting STW on these forums and not much talk of IOZ. IOZ offers lower expense ratio (0.19 vs 0.29) but still seems to be the less favourable option? is there more difference to them...
  4. So_Cynical

    Orbis Funds quarterly reports

    Orbis funds Aust do a Quarterly investment report that i always find interesting, these guys have picked some good winners over the last couple of years using a mix of value and contrarian investment strategy's with smart commentary to back up there investment choices. Unfortunately i cant...
  5. T

    Stocks or funds that pay monthly dividends?

    Maybe somebody can help me in finding Stocks or Funds, who are paying monthly Dividends ? I own - and still will invest more in such Stocks and Funds in different Currencies, like Pengrowth Energy Trust PGH:CA PIMCO High Income PHK:US I know about the HHY, who pays quaterly Dividends...