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  1. P

    Mentor Wanted!

    Hi, I am a newbie to the page so thanks for having me! Looking forward to being a part of this insightful community! A brief over view of myself and what I wish to achieve; I am 32, currently living in Perth working full time. I have very little trading experience other than using ‘basic...
  2. wayneL

    Platinum - The Fundamentals

    I remember, once upon a time, when platinum was a far more precious metal than gold in terms of its price per ounce being close to twice the price of gold if I remember correctly. We can all see that it's value has gradually diminished since those days, to the point now where it is roughly half...
  3. Zaxon

    Charting and Fundamentals are fake...unless you believe in them

    To a fundamental investor, "head and shoulders" is an anti-dandruff shampoo, and technical investors may as well be reading tea leaves. To a value investor, the fact that the share price is plummeting isn't important, because they know that the "One True Value" of the stock will win in the end...
  4. TiminOz

    Fundamentals/Mechanics of Oz share trading: Clearest, most Thorough book?

    Hey traders! Could anyone recommend such a book to me? (or even a (free) YouTube video series?) I'm a complete novice and I'd like: * a book on the FUNDAMENTALS and MECHANICS (not so much massive DEPTH on WHAT to buy) * it would cover SHARES, but a BONUS would be the coverage of other...
  5. rogblack

    Greg Hunter: A great summary of the XAUUSD fundamentals

  6. A

    Downloading ASX Fundamentals from Yahoo Finance using Perl/Python

    Another project I've been working on is downloading fundamental data from Yahoo Finance using either Perl or Python. This is a 2 step process as outlined below: 1) First thing we need to do is create and populate a file called "symlist.csv" with symbols such as BHP.AX, ANZ.AX, etc. This can be...
  7. fiftyeight

    Newb Fundamentals Question

    I would assume that large companies accounts are highly scrutinized and therefore pretty accurate. Why then is there debate around FMGs cost of production?
  8. B

    Decent fundamental information

    i find that all the websites with fundamental information that are free are usually very limited, besides Morningstar does anyone know of a decent subscription from a business that has valuable information? thanks
  9. piggybank

    Advice on Fundamentals

    Hi, It appears many people have conflicting views on what they see as the most important data to use when deciding whether a company shares are worth buying - usually when the stock's chart is telling you it is a "buy". Below I have attached 3 images of a stock that I won't mention at this...
  10. V

    Fundamental or Technical Analysis?...Which is the best predictor of Price?

    Hello All First post, first Forum and first time beginner investor...Hope to learn from all your wisdom :-) Actually participated twice in the ASX Investors Sharetrading end of the last game I ranked 6000/11595 nationally...not really what i had hoped....although at one point (prob...
  11. skc

    SKC fundamental positions

    There is much debate about the pros and cons of fundamental vs technical analysis over here... And Ducati was kind enough to post some of his positions in this historical thread...