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  1. M

    Fundamental Historical Data (Excel format)

    Hi, I would be very appreciative if anyone could point me in the direction of where to source excel data for the basic histroical data for ASX listed companies from the last 5 years (balance sheet, income, cash flow, etc.). Sure, they're required by law to disclose this data in an annual PDF...
  2. I

    Norgate Fundamental Data

    I heard a little while ago that Norgate fundamental data was in the works. Does anyone have any idea when it will be publicly available to subscribers?
  3. K

    Basic Fundamentals

    Is there a simple and easy ways to keep track of the most basic fundamentals such as - next reporting date, next dividend date, option expiry dates???
  4. F

    Historical fundamental data for a quantitative analysis

    Been doing a bit of reading on a quantitative approach (Ie quantitative value investing ala montier or greenblatt or qv). Interesting stuff, but wondering if there is raw historical asx company fundamental data that is accessible to a retail investor like me on which I can do scans using...
  5. F

    Sources of historical fundamental company data

    Hey, I was wondering what sources you guys use to find historical fundamental company data, especially to build financial models. For Aussie stocks (ASX) I can think of the following sources, relevant to the retail investor: Morningstar Data from Online Brokers (Commsec, Interactive...
  6. A

    Downloading ASX Fundamentals from Yahoo Finance using Perl/Python

    Another project I've been working on is downloading fundamental data from Yahoo Finance using either Perl or Python. This is a 2 step process as outlined below: 1) First thing we need to do is create and populate a file called "symlist.csv" with symbols such as BHP.AX, ANZ.AX, etc. This can be...
  7. KnowThePast

    Software for Fundamental data backtesting - your opinion is needed

    As some of you may know, I've been writing some software to backtest on fundamental data among other things. A few people on and off the forum have expressed interest in me making it publicly available. I would be very greatful if everyone could voice their opinion to help me decide whether it...
  8. Funda-Struck

    Fundamentals in Excel Format

    Hey ASFer's. Does anybody know how I can get every stock listed on the ASX into excel format, with columns showing basic fundamentals, ie ROE, Debt/Equity ratio? In the past I have downloaded all the companies from and then manually added the extra columns, just looking for a...
  9. J

    Backtesting based on fundamental data

    Anyone been successful in backtesting based on fundamental data (pe ratio, dividend yield, debt ratio etc.) as opposed to more conventional bactesting on technical data (price, volume etc) Lets just say I wanted to compare -25% lowest p/e stocks vs the index or -top 20 by debt yield vs...
  10. whipflip15

    How can I chart fundamental data for stocks?

    I'm trying to chart fundamental data and price on the same chart for some Australian stocks. Things like P/E ratio, yield, FCF etc. does it well for US stocks but it does not have the fundamental data for Australian stocks. Does anyone know of some sites/software/brokers that...
  11. D

    Watchlist Software/Scripts? - Premium Data (Fundamental)?

    Hi all, I'm looking at slowly (potentially one day) getting a share's watch list website together. Does anybody know of any software packages that be readily bought that have watch list capabilities. - I mean though of course, ones to install on a website and not one that I myself can use...
  12. B

    Decent fundamental information

    i find that all the websites with fundamental information that are free are usually very limited, besides Morningstar does anyone know of a decent subscription from a business that has valuable information? thanks
  13. J

    Paid fundamental data

    Does anyone know where I can buy data on asx100. I am selecting stocks for dividends so interested in p/e, p/fcf, debt/equity, yield, interest coverage, payout ratio, EPS growth etc. I have been going through the annual reports and extracting the info but it is a long process. I would prefer to...