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  1. AignerAndreas

    Demark Buy/Sell Indicators

    If you are looking for free Demark Buy and Sells on stocks go to It provides global indicators as well. It doesnt cost anything and you can subscribe via twitter, reddit or on the site.
  2. H

    Which free financial newspapers do you read?

    Reading news can sometimes be detrimental to trading performance. Hence, I am most unwilling to pay to read financial news. I would rather channel the savings to buy good-quality financial data. However, not reading at all is uncomfortable because as introverts, I presume all of us love reading...
  3. StewyD32

    Free Technical Analysis Charts

    Hi All, This has probably been covered so please forgive but I'm finding it hard to source one. Im looking for a free website where I can do T/A on charts which has a wide variation of analysis options or even decent websites. (ASX stocks) I tried to download a few free trials but they do not...
  4. pblain

    Free online tool for value investors

    What do you think of this tool? It calculates the intrinsic value of ASX listed companies using different methods. It’s free BTW.
  5. dutchie

    Free Rants

    1. Airlines are just as bad (or worse) than banks! Bought a ticket with Jetstar (Webjet) => Flights $150 , extra fees $50!!! = $200 (add 33% to your fare for dodgy admin etc fees). What a rip off! 2. Got a bank cheque deposited into bank => three business days to clear!!!! ...
  6. basilio

    Totally private secure communication - free

    Just came across the app called Wickr. It offers people completely private and secure encrypted communication. The app is free. It apparently can't be broken. Malcolm Turnball uses it... What are the implications ? Have a read of this interview with the CEO...
  7. S

    Free spreadsheets

    Hi, Thought I would throw up some recent spreadsheets I made in the process of my normal researching. Usually before I turn an idea into a proper program I try to make a spreadsheet first to understand it better. Now I am posting this stuff just in the spirit of sharing, none of the below...
  8. B

    FREE brokerage offers

    Can you please list all the FREE brokerage offers being offered from online brokers to trade ASX shares? Eg. "Name of institution - $600 free trades, up to 10 trades, valid for 90 days". I think this is useful for someone who wants to save a bit of coin & be a bit of a tightass as every dollar...
  9. sydboy007

    Cheap or free Microsoft Office

    Though I'd share this info since it doesn't seem to be widely known. For those still working you can probably get a $15 MS Office 2013 license which can be used on 2 PCs. For an extra $15 they will ship you a CD. If $15 is more...
  10. damdin

    What is good free charting software?

    Hi guys, What is good free charting software to use for beginner. I have been using IncredibleCharts for some time. While I like its simplicity and convenience, not being able to see price/data at the end of the trading day is seriously bothering me. Is there anything similar to this...
  11. S

    What happened to my $600 of free brokerage, Commsec?

    Hi guys, I opened a Commsec account at the end of December because they were offering $600 of free brokerage if you registered before 31 Jan 2013. I got up this morning and decided to set up some trades for the forthcoming week. However, when I tried to, for each trade it indicated that...
  12. Glen48

    Free Money?

    Received an E mail from as follows so filled it in and put my address as Post Office San Miguel asking for 25G. No questions asked about assets or employment. Got this today: CLYDE & CO INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM St Botolph Building 138 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7AR, United Kingdom. WEB...
  13. G

    Has anyone found a really good trading software program?

    Have have been scammed too many times by these sneaky directors in sheep's clothing, conning me with there quick rich schemes, only to find that there getting richer, not me I need a break so be nice, and give me the good stuff only.
  14. sammy84

    Free trading eBooks

    Given the huge expense that trading literature can result in, I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread with links to free trading e-books(pdfs). Here are two favorites of mine; Link to 'Dave Landry - On Swing Trading' <<removed>> Master the Markets" By Tom Williams...
  15. P

    Van Tharp seminar free on YouTube

    Bit long winded but for anyone interested, its in 6 parts heres a link to part 1, links to the other 5 will appear to the right of the screen.
  16. A

    Free ASX trading games/simulations?

    Is there any free trading software that is using realtime data from the ASX. I practiced forex trading with Oanda FXTrade, which was great. Would like something like it for the ASX. I'm looking for a similar website or program that will allow me to do this. If I could find that then I could...
  17. ASK

    Free Charting Software and Data

    Hi guys, Just a quick one - I was after some free trading software that will allow me to draw graphs etc. Im still a newbie, and dont want to pay for anything - just something to play around with. Adam