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  1. damdin

    What is good free charting software?

    Hi guys, What is good free charting software to use for beginner. I have been using IncredibleCharts for some time. While I like its simplicity and convenience, not being able to see price/data at the end of the trading day is seriously bothering me. Is there anything similar to this...
  2. Gringotts Bank

    Cool free software and links - market related

    Add your cool free software or links. Here's one to start: NB. Yahoo data is reliable for US markets and Aus indices only.
  3. Z

    What free TA software can import ascii (.txt) historical data and EOD (.txt)?

    Hi, I am playing the ASX stock market game. And in the process of learning. I have used several TA software programs these inc Amibroker (trial) Ninja Trader Wealth Lab the problem I am facing is getting accurate data into any program. Yahoo is hit/miss at best. example TOL.AX data...