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  1. K

    AmiQuote broken - Yahoo Finance replacement for free data

    Hi all! does anyone know an alternative way of downloading ASX free data? Yahoo Finance stopped working with AmiQuote and it is not clear if it is going to be fixed or not. Cheers
  2. jjbinks

    Futures Data ideally for free

    Hey guys I am interested in experimenting with back testing futures strategies on amibroker Was wondering if anyone could point to any good sources I was contemplating buy historical data with norgate. Currently use there asx data I am not likely to trade any time soon. Just...
  3. J

    Free ASX Stock Feed in AUD for Ninjatrader?

    I'm new to trading, but I'm comfortable with using software. I downloaded Ninjatrader and find it an easy to use tool for charting. Where can I find a FREE ASX feed in AUD currency? It is easy to connect to US sites like Yahoo! but it is useless for me here as it is expensive to trade US...
  4. doctorj

    Free Live NASDAQ data on Google
  5. ASK

    Free Charting Software and Data

    Hi guys, Just a quick one - I was after some free trading software that will allow me to draw graphs etc. Im still a newbie, and dont want to pay for anything - just something to play around with. Adam