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  1. basilio

    Fraud in settling house sales

    Very scary story in the past few days of a family that lost all the funds from a house sale through a hacker who intercepted the funds in the brand new electronic titles transfer system. No question of liability on the part of the family but it seems the Banks and the Conveyancers are also...
  2. Joe Blow

    How to identify an investment scam

    Over the years, many people have arrived at ASF with questions about various "investment" businesses that have cold called them, and given them a sales pitch filled with promises of high returns with very little effort or risk. In many cases these people are told that they will be able to quit...
  3. Garpal Gumnut

    Legally Condoned Stockbroker Fraud

    Sometimes you wonder. The judge can only sentence within the parameters given to him by legislation and precedent. However 12 months jail seems a pittance for a fraud of $600,000,000 I do not believe this a...