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  1. M

    Infrastructure Stocks Franking

    I was wondering why Infrastructure stocks like Toll Roads, Airports, Property, Electricity companies don't earn franking credits?
  2. Sharkman

    Franking credits 45 day rule question

    the ATO gives this example: Example 7: Substantially identical shares Jessica has held 10,000 shares in Mimosa Pty Ltd for 12 months. She purchased an additional 4,000 shares in Mimosa Pty Ltd 10 days before they became ex-dividend (the day after the last day on which acquisition of the...
  3. B

    Dividend Franking queries

    Hypothetical - Let's say I'm considering purchasing some stock for dividend income and lets say it's FMG for example, which was paying 4 cents in April 2012. The ASX website lists the franking amount under the '% Franked' column as 100% - but under the 'Further Information' column it shows "4C...
  4. M

    Importance of franking to a SMSF retiree?

    Just seeking information if people don't mind offering their thoughts. I am wondering about the significance of the level of franking to a SMSF holder who is already in the pension phase? eg: SUN at 100%, QBE at 20% etc. Comments very welcome. Regards Rick