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franking credits

  1. S

    Labor's proposed franking credit changes All explained. It's not just a retiree tax. 8.1 million people will lose franking credit cash refunds. People under $37k 10.500,000 Less exempt pensioners -3,500,000 583,000 SMSF Accumulation mode 583,000 517,000 SMSF...
  2. bigdog

    How to avoid Shorten's plan to abolish the refund of excess franking credits

    This article is from the April 8 issue of The Age Digital Edition. To subscribe, visit Noel Whittaker LABOR'S CHANGES A TAX ON WIDOWS Labor’s latest attack on franked dividends is not a tax on the wealthy, it is a tax on widows. Let me show you...
  3. M

    Infrastructure Stocks Franking

    I was wondering why Infrastructure stocks like Toll Roads, Airports, Property, Electricity companies don't earn franking credits?
  4. B

    When are franking credits paid for 2016?

    Hey guys, checked the ato website they don't even have the 2016 franking credits application out yet. But I was wondering when will franking credits be paid out? Thanks
  5. Sharkman

    Franking credits 45 day rule question

    the ATO gives this example: Example 7: Substantially identical shares Jessica has held 10,000 shares in Mimosa Pty Ltd for 12 months. She purchased an additional 4,000 shares in Mimosa Pty Ltd 10 days before they became ex-dividend (the day after the last day on which acquisition of the...
  6. J

    Dividend franking credits

    Hey there! Got another nooby question to do with dividends :P I have held onto two stocks ($10,000 amounts each) for only a week (under the 45 day period required), however the dividend amount is only $350 (50% franked) and $120(100% franked), which I assume makes me eligible for getting...
  7. R

    How to reduce tax using franking credits?

    hi i'm a complete newbie so please be patient with my dumb questions. Is there a software program/website that can calculate how much franking credits is required to reduce tax to zero? for example - how many westpac bank shares would i need to buy to obtain enough franking credits to reduce...
  8. K

    Imputation credits

    Hi Guys, This is my first post so I thought I would make it a good one. Does anybody now how to calculate imputation credits on dividends? I have an excel sheet that calculates unfranked amount, franked amount and total dividend but am not sure of the calculation for imputation credits...