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franked dividends

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    Question regarding franked dividends and withholding tax

    For non-residents of Australian stock holders, the withholding tax on dividends is 30%. If the dividends are 100% franked, my understanding is the withholding tax drops to 0%. So, if dividends are 50% franked, does it follow that withholding tax becomes 15%? Thank you.
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    Any Australian shares investing globally with 100% franked dividends?

    I was looking to see is there such thing as a share investments that is involved in the overseas markets , so I could gain greater diversity than just the Australian market BUT it still has 100% or even partial franked dividends I’ll be the first to admit here, what I’m looking for might not...
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    Tax on franked dividends...

    Hi All, I have a question about franking credits. I understand that all dividends will count as income and will add to my taxable income by the grossed up dividend amount? and then I will get a tax credit for the franking credits.. right now I am working buts just as an example say in the...
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    Are most stocks dividends franked?

    I would like to check with the experienced folks here. Franked dividends stocks mean the investors get paid more dividends due to less tax? Where can one check whether the particularly stock is franked? Are almost all stocks franked? If yes, it is not necessary to have the hassle of whether the...
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    Franked vs. unfranked dividends

    Im just trying to get my head around the difference in dividends franked vs unfranked and how they will affect me. this year my income is about 65-70k, tax paid about 16k however my taxable income includes car allowance and can claim about 30k or so. This year i think my refund is about...