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  1. Peak Debt

    Real Estate industry pays 'shills' and 'spruikers' to post on blogs/forums?

    A huge problem in society today is that the media and the blogosphere are dominated by the one-percent. They control everything, the news we read and watch, the "truth" that they drip fed to the unthinking masses, to the 99 percent. It was recently revealed that the Aussie real estate...
  2. Joe Blow

    What threads go in what forums

    Sometimes I notice there is a little confusion about which forum people should be posting their threads in. Here is a little rundown on what sort of threads should go in what forums. Announcements and Site News: My forum to make announcements about ASF! Stay out! :D ASX Stock Chat: General...
  3. TheAbyss

    Litigation against online forum for removal of threads

    Interesting reading this morning in The Age. A company is bringing legal action against an online forum (Whirlpool) becaus ethey would not remove negative comments posted by some users in 2 threads. They are saying that it caused them loss of business. My question is if it is successful could...
  4. E

    Other sites/forums you visit?

    For all us newbies it would be great to know what sites other people regularly visit. There are the obvious ones ASX website, NYSE website but other there other forums or educational sites that you frequent to keep up to speed with whats going on.... Cheers
  5. E

    Other Aussie forums?

    Hey all, Are there any other Aussie forums on Investing and Stocks that other people from here regularly visit?? If so let a eager to learn newbie like me know.... :) :)