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  1. A

    Starting Our Network

    Hello! I'm a 21 year old recent uni graduate in Economics and Finance. I've recently started trading again and would really like to build up my network in the stock trading world. In the past ive seen great returns but I'm fully aware of my limitations. Knoweledge and disciussion is the key to...
  2. Sir Burr

    Goodbye The Chartist forum

    The Chartist has closed down the "Community Forum" for members. Sad, remember Reefcap! Gonskie :(
  3. MrBurns

    ABC general chat forum

    Joe, the ABC is shutting down their general discussion forum much to the disgust of 12,000 registered users, these uses are adults not kids , do you think it's appropriate to direct them over here so their community isnt lost ? Probably a lot of shareholders among them. The shutwown is March...
  4. G

    Internet Forum Bullies

    I copied this from doing a search on "internet Forum Bullies" Interesting topic for discussion........maybe? I actually find that there are two classes of people who cause maximum trouble on forums. One is of course, the traditional "troll" who wreaks havoc by anti-social behaviour and by...
  5. E

    Happy to find this forum :)

    HI, I am happy to find this forum and want to share investing info with all of you.
  6. jono1887

    Is the general investment and economics forum new?

    I just noticed this forum.... when was opened? :confused:
  7. prawn_86

    Aussie Travellers Forum

    Hi All, I have started Aussie Travellers Forum as a 'cousin' site to ASF. Im hoping to get a nice community feel over there also. Discussions on anything and everything to do with travel. I know the layout is quite basic at this stage, but i will be...
  8. Joe Blow

    Forex is now its own forum

    After being a sub-forum of 'International Markets' since its inception I have decided to make 'Forex' a forum in its own right given the huge growth in interest in currency trading. :)
  9. Joe Blow

    How to change the forum time

    Is ASF showing the wrong time for your time zone? Here's how to fix it: Go to 'Edit Options' in your UserCP. Here's a shortcut: Scroll down to the second last section titled "Date & Time Options" and make sure your time zone is...
  10. dutchie

    Forum Participation

    WayneL I was just about to put this post in "Forum Popularity" but found it had been closed. Hope you don't mind me starting a new thread on a similar vane. ****Warning this is a long post that has a lot of information you already know – my apologies at the start for anything that is...