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    Wyckoff trend formula

    Can anyone suggest source for formulas for wyckoff trend indicators? I see a bunch on tradingview, I presume they must be well described somewhere, just cannot see where... Man thanks!
  2. B

    Baby Formula Sold Out

    Hello everyone, We all know that sh*t has hit the fan a couple of years back in China about the milk that got a lot of babies ill. (around 130.000) And everyday I am hearing more and more about the baby food (powder formula's) being sold out in stores in Australia because people/households...
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    Magic Formula on the ASX

    As a change from the tiny, illiquid, unprofitable companies in the NCAV thread, but still in keeping with the theme of value based investing, I thought I'd take a look at the magic formula on the ASX. This is the well known method from, "The Little Book that Beats the Market" by Joel...
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    Metastock bollinger bands formula

    This is the exit. Can anybody please offer the english translation?
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    Formula for price movement percentage

    Hi, Hope someone can help me with this, i can never seem to get percentages right! :mad: What would be the formula to get a percentage of price movement. for instance if the open price was 31.03 and the closing price was 34.34 how would you work out what would be the percentage moved. What...