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  1. R

    Anyone tried their hand at Forex Trading?

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone's tried Foreign exchange trading before and how it went for them. :)
  2. Dominover

    Forex trading Australia?

    I've never really looked into trading Forex but now I'm giving it considerable thought. There's a million and one videos and articles on the web talking about forex trading.. Every second trader on the web claims to be trading forex. As I am clueless about this topic, would somebody be able to...
  3. willoneau

    FX banter

    Looking to see if any traders are interested in discussing currencies as they unfold ? was great when in front of platform. (fx chaos thread) Being held accountable might just improve our trading?
  4. cogs

    Indicators Worth Using in FX

    I thought I might share some useful (MT4) indicators I have used (gathered) over the years, post them through from time to time. The theory behind these indicators can be used in general, in any trading format, these just happen to be coded in MQL4. I have since switched to CTrader which...
  5. peter2

    P2: A batch of FX market trades

    In the spring a young trader's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of the fx markets. (my apologies to Alfred Tennyson). It's spring in Aust and the normally slumbering fx markets wake up and make a dash for the EOY. Not so this year. Pres Trump has kept the fx markets buzzing through the US...
  6. Badger Hund

    Looking for FX trading webinars, mentors, training suited to Aus TZ

    I'm a newbie to FX. I'm currently a member of SB Trade Desk. The group is very good and I feel I'm learning enough to justify the cost. But the webinars are late at night and they cover action that happens overnight. I'd much prefer to keep my trading activity to the daytime. Can anyone...
  7. History Repeats

    FX trade journal

    Mainly swing trade using price action with little bit of fundamental mixed in. Time frame, Monthly down to 4h. Only trade 3 pairs euro, jpy and gbp, all against usd. Setup, pullback and reversal. Current view Euro, hns pattern broken neckline. Price down to support formed in August as of...
  8. F

    Trade Friend

    Hi, I have been trading Forex number of years on and off, found it too difficult while working. Have started trading again pretty much full time but don't depend on for income. I am not wanting to sell anything OR purchase anything, have pretty good trade information that I use. Would like to...
  9. rogblack

    Can you make 30% a week trading forex?

    For anyone with an open mind you can make 30% trading forex gold. Test this anytime you like. I will provide a trade signal for you to test on a demo account. Kindly spare your negativity and personal criticism and accusation of trolling or being a scammer as I support my claim with evidence and...
  10. rogblack

    How to become a profitable or full-time trader

    I've been trading XAUUSD for four years now. Started with $5k and made $50k in the first three weeks of going live. I've also had my losses and still do. I read from many traders that they are chasing signals, systems, entry points and the holy grail. The laws of trading are pretty simple. If...
  11. G

    Forex trading methods that actually work?

    i've been struggling to find stuff that works in timeframes that would be good for my needs (D1,h4,h1, i should stick to D1 and h4 though..). went through about 7 systems (tested using forex tester). and realized lots of ideas (range trades, TL bounces) just don't seem to work for me. my...
  12. K

    Is this a good deal?

    Hi everyone Wondered if I could get some opinions on this. A friend of mine is a trader with a big forex company. He says he can offer a traders performance guarantee so that the minimum return on my investment is 12% p.a. its backed by his company and a legal contract. Anyone got any...
  13. L

    My first GBP/USD trade with IB

    Hi , I am new here, I am originally French living in Australia with Aussie wife and kids working full time. I have been investing the Australian Equity market for 6 years with success. However, after taking the course for the CFA I now feel it is not important to diversify over less correlated...
  14. G

    Typical forex trading results people get

    wouldn't mind asking what kind of results would be 'okay' for trading forex? i'm thinking something like this maybe? e.g. 1%, 3%,7%, -2%, 5%,0%,1%, 6% (each figure is for a batch of 20 trades) it's not much, but from compounding it adds up... even after 40 trades, one might make overall...
  15. N

    Trading forex with IG Markets

    Hi all, Pretty new to forex trading so just wanted to get some feedback in terms of the best brokers to use for a beginner. I have an account with IG for Share CFDs at the moment and the they do offer FXs. Just hoping to see if anyone has had any bad experiences trading FXs with IG.
  16. G

    Forex price alert (mobile phone SMS)

    anyone got something setup so that they get price alerts via mobile phone sms? if so what? it's better to do that instead of looking at the screen all the time. i know you can do push alerts and so on with metatrader, but again you have to have the pc on. my phone is with optus and from...
  17. F

    Looking for serious forex traders

    I would love to create a group for professional / semi professional forex traders. As anyone serious about trading knows, there is a lot of alone time and waiting for trades to set up. Be great to chat in the down time. A little about myself, i have been learning the trading game for close to 10...
  18. Lemoonjuice

    Hello World! I <3 Forex

    Hey everyone! I signed up to AussieStock a while ago but have just recently been reading posts. I have been trading FX for 5 years now and feel I am damn good at what I do. Over the years I have been searching for Australian FX traders but it never crossed my mind to come here ... the...
  19. N

    Why do some Forex brokers have more profitable traders than others?

    Based on the reports found here: and I wonder if...
  20. P

    Sydney Forex Trading Accountability Group

    Hi, I’m looking for 4-5 forex trading buddies who would like to meetup once a month to discuss our trading setups. However, if you’re trading stock or futures market then I’m also okay with that as long as you’re using technical analysis to take your trade setups. So it’s more like a small...