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  1. S

    Currency Collective

    Hi guys A newbie here and on the hunt for someone to teach me forex trading. Just wondering if anyone has heard of Currency Collective's complete forex course or purchased it??? Stumbled across them and they offer their course for $199...
  2. J

    Knowledge to Action

    HI Everyone Im having mixed reviews from Knowledge to action alot of people are saying there course is crap others are saying it was very good. I start this course in two weeks as anyone had first hand experience with this company? Would be interested to see what people are think
  3. D

    Nial Fuller's Learn to Trade the Market

    Hey guys, Just wondered if anyone has tried out the Learn to trade the markets course? I'm interested in price action trading. I have already looked at his free material and i liked what i'm seeing, just wondering do you get much more once you join up? Cheers Dan
  4. Cosmic Tonic

    Any ideas on Forex Trading Courses in Melbourne?

    Hi guys I first started trading stocks through Comsec with $10k last October, moved onto CMC Markets in June with the assistance of leverage and now see some great opportunities trading currencies and commodities. I have accelerated my trading mind and have done well over the past 6 months...