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  1. TheBigKangaroo

    Broker Spreads on FX

    Hi fellow eternally disappointed... I was wondering if anyone has an opinion of the best spreads of brokers for FX. I have been doing some analysis of them and it is bloody hard to reach a useful conclusion. Why cant they just stick to the same bloody spread and make it easy for us!!! From...
  2. N

    Why do some Forex brokers have more profitable traders than others?

    Based on the reports found here: and I wonder if...
  3. K

    How much do FX brokers allow you to make until they play tricks?

    How much profit on a monthly or yearly basis do reasonable brokers allow you to make until they play tricks or close your account? Please share some personal experiences. I am looking to trade 10 standard lots per trade and aim for 50 pips per good trade.
  4. F

    Has anyone heard of Finprotrading?

    Hey Guys! I'm new here(in the forum & in Austraia) wanted to start forex trading. Done my research n am deciding between two brokers Pepperstone & Finportrading. Both hv low spreads but Finpro fairs better here; both no dealing desks, spoke both their reps - finpro has sm amazing ppl sitting...
  5. M

    CLM Forex, Go Markets, IC Markets and DirectFX?

    These are all Australian brokers. Has anyone used them? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. M

    A great broker for Scalp trading FX?

    Can anyone please recommend a great broker for scalping? Possibly an ECN broker..
  7. G

    Aussie forex brokers vs. overseas forex brokers

    I'm quite happy with my current overseas broker but there are alway some extra fees like to do deposit I need to pay international transaction fee, to withdraw again fee and etc. is anyone use local brokers? are there any extra fees or just fee to convert aud to usd (and vice versa for...
  8. M

    Go Markets Alternatives

    Hi Guys, After 2 days in a row of server outages during London / NY sessions I am looking for a good alternative with tight EURUSD and GBPUSD spreads. Any suggestions? Martin
  9. J

    Forex Demo Accounts - How Realistic?

    Hi Everyone! I'm new to this forum & Forex Trading, although I've had a few years experience in equities :) Basically, I wanted to try my hand at Forex trading but after a quick google search about 100+ Demo's for Forex Trading? Anyway I just wanted a quick rundown if the Demo's...
  10. O

    Cheapest and best Forex broker that uses MetaTrader 4?

    Hello all. I'm an Aussie who has traded US stock and options with Thinkorswim in the US. I'm now looking at entering into the FOREX markets and want to know the cheapest FOREX broker I can use. I understand that it doesn't necessarily have to be an Australian broker. Basically, I want it to...
  11. S

    Choosing a Forex Broker in Australia

    Hi all, I am new to this area and in the middle of chooing a forex trader. As far as I know the local ones are IG and OZForex, people said IG is ok except the platform is still developing. Then there is GFT which is not local but can accept Australia local fund transfer, but people said...
  12. J

    Forex broker recommendations

    Hi Everyone I'm looking to get into Forex trading and would like advice as to whom you have had the best experience with in terms of using a forex broker for exucution, good trading platform, tight spreads etc. You input is very much appreciated Cheers
  13. A

    Forex pairs available from brokers?

    I am wondering if IB has only 7 pairs of currencies available ??? IBFX has 8 pairs on demo but I think more once approved. I finally get my funding finalised. Yoohoo !!! I can start demo and try to see how things go with their platform. Plus anybody using Interactive Brokers ??? Is there...
  14. DB008

    Forex Brokers... which one?

    I'm new to FX and just wanted to know if there are any brokers which are like DMA providers (much like DMA for CFD's). l've seen the term ECM and wanted to know if there is a list of somesort which can help???? Or, are pretty much all FX Brokers Market Maker's? If so, which one stands out...
  15. S

    Foreign Exchange Brokers

    Hello All, I was wanting to dip my toes into Foreign Exchange and have been checking out all the online traders. Most I have found have been overseas; I would much prefer if I could have an AU$ account and an Australian regulated company even if it cost a bit more in the pip spread. I...
  16. Smurf1976

    Forex Brokers

    Can anyone recommend a forex broker? In short, I need someone whose actual prices match those on charts, where trades can be placed at any time of day online, offers limit orders (ie buy AUD/USD if it rises above X) and which has stop loss orders placed in actual prices (eg AUD/USD 0.7100)...