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  1. A

    Any good Forex Cryptocurrency Broker recommendations?

    Hi everyone! I am looking for a good Forex broker who allows crypto deposits and trading as well. Can you please provide me your suggestions.
  2. T

    Good Forex Bitcoin Broker

    Is there any reliable forex broker who offers cryptocurrencies also? Anyone here who is trading with such type of broker kindly share your experience.
  3. T

    EightCap, anyone heard of them?

    Finally making the transition to a live account after months of trial and error on the demo (fairly new trader). After reading some pretty horrific stories about dodgy brokers I am looking for an honest regulated broker. I came across these guys but wondering if anyone has used them...
  4. P

    Spot FX broker with NinjaTrader

    Hi All, I am new to the Forum and currently investigating my brokerage options re trading spot FX on Ninjatrader. I guess I am not the only one in Australia who wants to trade spot forex with NT so I wonder whether anyone who has been through this would be able to provide some info/views. I...
  5. P

    ECN forex brokers in Australia?

    Hi Fellow members, Would like to know genuine ECN brokers who really r ecn as some brokers people say they r ecn with no commission charge as i wonder if they r purely practising ecn than there should be commission ,
  6. M

    FX broker question: Tickmill, Darwinex, IC Markets or PFD-NZ?

    Hi, please could any of you who have traded with either of these brokers give me some feedback on which of these brokers are suitable for scalping and day trading with little slippage and tight spreads? Thanks
  7. G

    Looking for a good online forex trading broker

    Hello I trade mainly aud.usd for my smsf trust. I simply buy or sell the aud.usd based on viewing the chart and various moving averages. I'm looking for a good online forex broker because today Halifax advised me that ASIC has suspended their Interactive Broker platform (which I currently use)...
  8. M

    Forex/CFD broker account

    Hi, I'm looking at trading some Forex/CFD's and am currently analyzing brokers. One question I have is - what advantages/disadvantages are there if I my account funds are stored in non-AUD (e.g. USD). I expect to the majority of instruments (but not all) I'll be trading will be US based...
  9. M

    A great broker for Scalp trading FX?

    Can anyone please recommend a great broker for scalping? Possibly an ECN broker..
  10. W

    Who to trade with? Scalping EUR/USD, IB *was* perfect... :(

    A few years ago I traded forex profitably with Interactive Brokers, and I've been practicing the last couple of weeks, with a view to get back in (got 40 pips clear, both weeks). Problem is, IB don't offer Aussies margin accounts any more. I can't trade live. I scalp EUR/USD off the...
  11. galumay

    MB Trading

    Hi all, did a search but couldnt find anything specific about these guys, (maybe "MB" is too short as a search term??) I have gone through an account application with them for my SMSF and they seem well set up, the web platform is great for a Mac user like myself. Has anyone here got an...
  12. V

    Advice on forex broker for a beginner!

    Hi everyone, im new in forex, i know i will loose a bit of money at the beginning! i start with 2 brokers XM and nakitrade... someone have good advice or bad one with this brokers?? the services are good for now, but its always good to have advice!
  13. M

    Looking for a new broker for Forex

    Hi guys, I am hunting for a new broker, I am day trading so im looking for fast action times and low cost spreads. Brokers i have tried are CMC, Plus500, IC Markets and about to try FXCM and Go Markets... Any tips and ideas would be much appreciated Cheers Dave
  14. M

    ASIC regulation used as a front; Australian FX Broker Goes Belly Up

    This might ruffle a few feathers. Thought you all might be interested in this article and how this broker(GTL Tradeup) in Aus used ASIC as a front...
  15. M

    Best/Favourite (Reputable) Forex Broker in Australia or New Zealand?

    FXCM, IC Markets, Axitrader, Thinkforex, IG Markets, Global Prime or Alpari? Any recommendations would be appreciated. I am based in Auckland,NZ and therefore would prefer broker a little closer to 'home'; I can't seem to make a decision on which broker to choose as they all seem to have some...
  16. M

    ECN Forex Broker

    Please could someone recommend a forex and CFD broker that is not a bucket shop and market maker? I was thinking about using Thinkforex in Auckland, NZ but too many bad reviews saying that they are a bucket shop who hunt your stop losses. I would prefer a ECN or STP broker instead of a market...
  17. TulipFX

    How to select a Forex Broker

    Usually most traders focus most of their efforts on the search for a good system or EA to get optimal returns on their investment. What most traders don’t realize however, is that a good broker can have a large impact on those expected returns. And as you’ll find out in this article, spending...
  18. Grinder


    Has anyone traded through Pepperstone? I've heard mixed responses, any feedback is much appreciated.
  19. dasmith1973

    Broker Review - ForexFS

    I am aware of another aussie fx broker ForexFS ( but haven't tried them (& no this isn't spam). Has anybody tried them? any feedback? While they advertise fixed spread, instant execution & accept any type of (mt4 ea) trading, the demo shows the spreads are ok (not brilliant...
  20. D

    Go Markets any good for forex?

    Hey everyone, Does anyone here use Go Markets as an fx broker and if so, could you shed some light on the pro's/con's of their service? Currently with Oanda however I'm not a fan of their withdrawal fees and would much prefer an MT4 platform. Also the ability to trade other instruments...