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  1. daytradeprofit

    Turkish Lira Price Technical Analysis

    The monetary policy committee meeting held next Tuesday, January 24, we anticipate that the CBRT [Turkey's central bank] will hike the benchmark one-week repo rate by 50 basis points to 8.5%, and hike the overnight lending rate by 100 basis points to 9.5%. It is likely that the central bank will...
  2. P

    My Daily Analysis

    Gold Analysis for 20April Gold is currently trading with bullish bias. Expect gold to trade in the higher ranges with a target at 1271. A clear breakout above 1272 will push the price further to the upperside with the next target at 1290
  3. J

    Posting my trades on charts: Open to discussion and ideas

    G'day all. I am going to post my trades (charts with comments), in an attempt to keep myself on my toes and hopefully avoid those "this could work" trades, taken out of pure boredom :banghead: I would like to invite Your comments or ideas. My aim is, that we all learn something. My main time...
  4. P

    CAD/JPY Analysis

    CAD/JPY from 2104.09.19 (formation of Evening star in Daily time frame) is in a strong and without reformation descending trend that could experience a good price decrease. Right now this currency pair could record the bottom price of 96.162 during its descending trend that according to the...
  5. P

    USD/SGD analysis

    USD/SGD during the recent week was in a strong and consistent downtrend that Sellers were successful in achieving the lowest price of 1.05543. Right now price in time frames such as daily and H4 is above 5-day moving average and warns about price increase in medium period of time.Price has been...
  6. P

    EUR/SGD Analysis

    EUR/SGD during the recent weeks could descend without reformation and record the Bottom price of 1.68596. Price during the downfall with reaching to the supportive level of Down channel and Up trendline has stopped from more descend and has formed a bottom price in the level of 1.68596.According...
  7. P

    CAD/CHF news and analysis

    CAD/CHF form 2012 till now was in a strong and coherent descending trend that sellers strictly followed their descending price targets. Price during the recent downtrend was able to record the bottom price of 0.78000 and it is fixed by the ascending candles. The mentioned bottom price is One of...
  8. P

    GBP/NZD Analysis

    GBP/NZD was in a strong and consistent uptrend during the recent days that buyers were successful in obtaining the highest price of 1.96327. price with reaching to the Down Trendline which is shown in the picture below ( made of 2 Top prices) and the important Resistance level(Support to...
  9. P

    EUR/NZD Analysis

    EUR/NZD in recent weeks has been in a strong and consistent trend in the price movements which Sellers have been successful in reaching to the lowest price of 1.57654. Currently the mentioned price level is fixed as a bottom price, and it is the most important Support level in front of the...
  10. P

    GBP/CHF Analysis

    GBP/CHF in recent weeks, has been experienced many reformation with a gradual Downtrend that Sellers Down price increases obtained the lowest price of is obvious in the picture below, the price by reaching to the ascending trend line made of 2 Bottom prices has been stopped from more...
  11. forextrader168


    Hello Guys, Want to share my analysis with the community so every can learn from each other. Comments and discussions are welcome!:) AUDJPY Daily Outlook for 16th December, 2013 (Monday) AUDJPY Daily Outlook for 16th December, 2013 (Monday) Daily Chart "Ended the Week Lower"...
  12. mauriforex

    Weekly and daily forex analysis

    Hi everybody! My name is Maurizio Orsini, I'm an italian indipendent trader working in the Forex market with the Price Action Daily Method. I use to analize my charts with no indicator or oscillators but just the most important thing...the PRICE! I work with weekly and daily time frame (max...
  13. O

    EUR/AUD Discussion

    Anyone who went long on the 8th of August is laughing... 700 pips, I've stayed out til now :o Reckon we'll get to the 61.8 fib? if so whats your predictions from there, up or reversal? Daily RSI is at the highest it's been since march 2011 :eek: Can a mod please delete the below...
  14. M

    Point and Figure for Forex: Any pair - Charts

    --USD/CAD: Our core bullish outlook for this market has been more than reaffirmed over the past couple of weeks, with the market accelerating back above parity and towards 1.0500 thus far. --While we continue to project significant upside over the medium-term, risks over the short-term appear...
  15. SeM0s


    EUR/USD This week we have two likely opposite scenarios in this pair. Favored Count The image presented below points towards the end of the downwards blood bath and resumption of the bullish trend. According to this assessment it seems that the move ending at May 09, 2011 (low -1.4255)...
  16. F


    Seems an interesting market,does anyone on here follow it .? Also looking at the EURNZD has some good volatility with most weeks having a range of 350 pips +
  17. Tradesurfer


    I've been short and now riding the nice downtrend. Question is, is this the pair to me in on the short side now? Weakening currency against the one with the highest interest rate (of the developed/main pairs). Aussie seems to indicate a possible tightening of rates while Britain seems to...
  18. C


    Dear Forex Traders, I just need some technical/fundamental advice on the current state of AUDNZD... Do you see it hitting 1.30 anytime soon? What's your thoughts... I range trade currently and did a stupid 1.0 trade impulsively and now very nervous! Account Balance: $27k + $10k being...
  19. Investor123

    EUR/GBP range trading maintains

    EURGBP has been trading in a range for 4 months. Resistance level is at 0.8105 and support is at 0.7796. Fundamentally both Europe and UK economies are weak, and both economies are likely to cut interest rate over the next few months. I believe this range trading will maintain. Currently...
  20. F

    Forex Daily Analysis

    Daily Forex Trading Analysis Today’s US Dollar Trading • USD holds gains but flows light • S/R holds as expected • Speculation that the Fed will not move rates capping the USD Overnight Preview • Consolidation likely • Two-way action with a downside bias Looking Ahead to Tuesday All times...