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  1. Dona Ferentes

    FOOD - BetaShares Global Agriculture Companies ETF

    I have been looking for a soft commodity exposure, but can't find an Aussie exposure to commodity prices,. However, this ETF goes some of the way. Funds are low $25M MER is high 0.57% Top 10 holdings...
  2. fergee

    Food scarcity

    An average human being can go 3minutes without air, 3 hours in extreme weather conditions with out shelter, 3 days with out water and 3 weeks with out food. This thread is for anecdotal and scientific measures of food scarcity and food price inflation. With an exponentially increasing global...
  3. SirRumpole

    Animal rights and ethical food production

    Animal rights activists protest against egg farmers. Do they have a valid point or are they just Leftist/Marxist troublemakers ? If we knew more about how animals were treated in producing food, would it change our eating habits ...
  4. E

    ASX Stocks exposed to potential Agri/Food Shortage

    With the potentially impending reliance on Australia being the 'food bowl' for Asia and surrounds I was wondering if anyone knew of any ASX listed Stocks that have exposure to future demand in this area, or any advice? Thanks
  5. B

    Baby Formula Sold Out

    Hello everyone, We all know that sh*t has hit the fan a couple of years back in China about the milk that got a lot of babies ill. (around 130.000) And everyday I am hearing more and more about the baby food (powder formula's) being sold out in stores in Australia because people/households...
  6. MrBurns

    Food, diet, facts and myths

    Thought this deserved it's own thread. The following is from another forum, this guy has done a lot of research and probably knows more than many doctors, in fact I'm sure of it.
  7. chops_a_must

    Agriculture/Food Stocks

    With all the action in agriculture over the last few years, and the plays on ag stocks recently, I'm surprised with the lack of discussion surrounding them. Why is this? It's an obvious growth industry, in demand from overseas buyers, so what are the downsides? And do any people here...
  8. roland

    Anti-Cancer Foods

    Here's some food for thought: Tomatoes. Besides loads of vitamin C, tomatoes are one of the richest sources of the flavenoid lycopene - which gives them their red colour - which has shown to defend, in study after study, against cancers of the lungs, cervix, prostate and mouth...
  9. K

    Chemical pollutants and your food

    Mutant fish spawn cry for chemical ban July 13, 2009 - 1:34PM More mutant fish with up to three heads at a Noosa River fish hatchery have prompted calls for a ban on the use of farm chemicals in the area. Sunland Fish Hatchery owner Gwen Gilson has told reporters she has discovered several...
  10. cuttlefish

    Forget putting food on the table...

    What about the Grand Prix .... will it be the same without Honda ... who's next ... this is getting tough now ... maybe Bernanke could fill the pace car full of cash and Honda will be back in the game. (Plus I thought the Japanese had been saving for decades ... how did honda end up this...