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  1. M

    Sorry... really new.

    I’m struggling to find any information on the floats of shares. I’ve looked on Morningstar scanner, and it only shows volume. I’ve looked on yahoo finance and it only shows US stocks. How do I find low float stocks?
  2. jbocker

    From Float to Bust

    Been watching a stock that is 10% of its original listing price within 6 months of its float, probably that is not unusual, but wondered what might be the shortest time a listed company has gone bust. Any recollections? I hope none of you have suffered the experience!
  3. T

    BR Security Group float?

    Came across this company BR SECURITY the other day whilst looking for some products.. However, a quick search on FLOATS didn't show anything coming up? What is the usual process and time frame for listing? TBI
  4. RichKid

    Snowy Hydro float

    The Snowy Hydro float is slated for July 2006, not sure if the market will be in corrective phase by then due to profit taking and tax time cleanup but it otherwise looks good for punters. Don't know what it'll mean for farmers and water users in various states (the poor Snowy River is not what...