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fixed loan

  1. A

    Fix or not to fix home loan?

    Members Equity now offering fixed interest rate of 4.69% for 3 years. What do people reckon - a safe bet that variable unlikely to drop below that in the next 3 years?
  2. Sugar Dunkaton

    Fixed Rate Margin Lending

    Hi Guys & Girls, Seem like everyone is pretty down on Margin Lending at the moment, but i have been revolving my one over for the last couple of years (low LVR). Just wanted to find out if anyone is using fixed margin loans as opposed to the variable margin loans. My Commsec loan only...
  3. T

    Have you fixed your home loan? Yes or No?

    With at least two more interest rates planned for next year (many are saying 4 is more likely) I was wondering how many members have fixed their homeloan rates. Please give reasons for fixing or not fixing and remember there is no right or wrong. We fixed ours prior to the last rate rise so...