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  1. S

    ASX listed company financial statements in Excel

    Hi, I've just signed up. I'm studying and have an assignment where I have to select any ASX listed company and create a spreadsheet of 5 years financial statements (Income statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows and Carbon footprint (if available)). I've searched and can't see how to do this. I've...
  2. R

    What do red numbers in brackets mean on financial statements?

    Hey guys I was doing some research but can't get 1 answer because it could have several possible meanings. I am looking at a company called Dicker Data : Looks good so far but it is very short term, I noticed on page 9...
  3. M

    Business Accounting video series

    Hi everyone ! I participated in our forum for a long time but did not contribute much. Today, i share to the article in Business Accounting seris Firstly, P1 : Business Accounting - P1 : Accounting Basics Definition Accounting is one of the key functions for almost any business; it may be...
  4. V

    Interpreting Financial Statements

    Hi there, I am learning to teach myself how to analyse financial statements. I am reading the transcript of a earnings call for Diana Shipping. The CEO mentions this... We continue to operate with a very manageable degree of leverage. long-term debt including current portion was...
  5. Dominover

    Estimating Credit Sales - Financial Statements JB Hi-Fi

    Would anyone know how to estimate Credit Sales in an Australian Financial Report. I'm specifically looking at JB HIFI at the moment and can only find information on their Receivables but don't know how to estimate Credit Sales from that. Anyone know how to ascertain / glean Credit Sales from...
  6. Dominover

    Valuing Equity Options - (Financial Statement Analysis)

    Would anyone know how to treat Equity Options mentioned in a companies financial statements? Should I be valuing these or treating them like ordinary shares? So far I haven't come across any books mentioning what to do with these. Any books / article suggestions on this would be great...
  7. D

    Financial statements in Excel format?

    Hi, Is there some easy method to import financial statements released by companies into Excel? Or a service exists which provides financial statements already in Excel format? Thanks.
  8. S

    Downloading financial statements in Excel format?

    Is it at all possible to download say BHP's Financial Statements directly in Excel format? or must I and no doubt many others hard key figures in for DCF/analysis work? Could be a market for it if it doesn't already exist, 50 c a statement?