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financial planners

  1. H

    Do bank financial planners behave better today? Watch this documentary. Commonwealth's financial planners' behavior is absolutely appalling. Is it better today? Is regulation tighter today? I don't know because I manage my own money.
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    Financial Planners Brought To Account

    It is not often that I disagree with LNP Policy, but tonight's Senate vote putting the screws on Financial Planners and the Banks, will benefit every Investor in Australia. Storm and Timbercorp should never be allowed happen again. gg
  3. M

    Any financial planners here?

    Good Evening team, As part of my Superannuation and Life Insurance subject which is part of getting my RG146 accreditation I am writing a project - SOA for Ted and Eliza Hardgraves. This is through Kaplan. Anyone familiar with this one? :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead: :cry: If...
  4. A

    Noob question re: Financial Planners/Advisers

    Complete novice here however at age 30 with some savings and about to purchase an investment property I think it prudent to invest some other cash and diverse a portfolio into shares. My problem is I need some advice / assitance along the way, yes I'll read books, blogs, etc but I could do with...
  5. mike85

    Any financial planners here?

    Hey guys and girls, Just a quick question... I am about half way through my second semester at uni, doing a double major in economics and financial planning. This semester i have a unit called economic techniques and i just cant get my head around it. It is basically using calculus to solve...
  6. M

    Financial planners in Perth?

    Hi I'm retired, in Perth and looking for a qualified financial planner or company able to provide quality fee-for-service advice. A couple of our friends pretty much manage their own funds but use specialised firms for accounting records. Any thought along those lines would also be welcome...
  7. ghotib

    Er... Financial Planners? So it's the fault of the ratings agencies, or the research houses, or... Maybe financial Planners need to starting to advise people not to take the advice they give. Cheers, Ghoti
  8. J

    Financial Planners: Are they worth it?

    Ok I learnt in my last post that 10% return on investment as income is definitely possible - just have to do some research into the most suitable method for me. What about financial planners? Are they worth the $2,000 - $4,000 they supposedly charge?
  9. Julia

    Financial Planners

    The following extract from (beginning "The Westpoint saga.....") caught my eye. The sad irony about those seeking financial planning advice is that often they are doing so because they are - as mentioned in the Crikey article - financially unsophisticated and therefore have no way of...