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    Reliable and standardized financial statement data provider?

    Hi, I'm looking for reliable provider of financial statements for international companies (USA, Europe, Germany, Japan, South Korea). The problem I have so far - some providers have incomplete data, some use slightly different naming conventions etc. I tried to use Morningstar, seems like it's...
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    Financial Data providers

    Has anyone had any issued with Morningstar's US version in terms of accuracy. There are so many discrepancies across different data providers. I always second guess proviers of data given they re not the same across the board. The only thing that remains constant, is balance sheet earnings...
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    Economic and financial data websites

    I am looking for a website that has the latest financial and economic data and news as they break. I normally don't hear about major events that move the market or a particular stock, currency etc till I see it on the news in the evening and have already missed the opportunity. Thanks in...
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    Looking for Historical Financial Data on ASX listed companies

    I am after historical financial data for ASX listed companies. I am after the all financial statements (balance sheet, etc.) listed on a database that can be easily downloaded to excel. I realise you can some data from Yahoo finance, but this information is very slim and only goes back a...