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  1. Frankieplus

    Finding suitable fund managers or a financial advisor

    Hello everyone, I am looking to find a good fund manager or a good financial advisor who could then advise me on which fund manager to use. The information on the web is overwhelming and I don't know enough about this subject to make an educated decision. All I know is I want to let a fund...
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    Another Storm Financial About to Happen

    The occupancy rate of Financial Advisors Car Parks is in Inverse Proportion to the Future Wealth of the Clients of the Financial Advisor consulted. I generally, no I should say exclusively, invest on my own instincts and knowledge of the market and financial indices, technical analysis and...
  3. J

    Where can I find a reputable financial advisor?

    Where can I find a reputable financial advisor?
  4. A

    Do I really need a financial advisor?

    I want to manage my super fund myself and invest in different instruments (shares, index funds, potentially others) I'm quite self-driven and a rather "do-it-on-my-own" type........I don't want to be talking (and paying) to a bunch of guys, where most of the info can be found with a bit of...
  5. D

    Suing a financial advisor

    I'd like to open a topic about the type of action we can take against a Financial advisor who failed to follow instructions. My advisor put me into long term investments when I clearly asked for short term in Oct 2007. Then gave misleading information such as "the market will recover in a few...