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  1. N

    Purchasing index funds directly vs. via a financial adviser

    Hi, My sincere apologies if this has been covered before. I've searched through some similar headings but some of them weren't answered in the way that I was looking for. That or I couldn't find the one that answered my question. The question is this: What is the advantage of me purchasing an...
  2. Jonty11

    Opting out of ongoing financial adviser service

    Hi all, Long time lurker, but first time poster here. I'm learning so much from this forum, it's fantastic. A couple of years ago, I engaged a financial adviser to help me restructure my super and setup some decent life/income protection insurance. Overall very happy with the service and it...
  3. I

    Queensland financial adviser banned for recommending options trading to 152 clients

    Hi All, Hot off the press today (ASIC media release): ASIC has banned Mr David Neil Wilkins, of Springwood, Queensland from providing financial services for five years. Mr Wilkins was banned after ASIC found he had engaged in misleading conduct and provided inappropriate advice. At...
  4. J

    Where can I find a reputable financial advisor?

    Where can I find a reputable financial advisor?
  5. Julia

    Trust in financial adviser

    After such debacles as Storm, I'd have thought most people would be pretty vigilant about managing their assets. Talking with a friend, I was astonished that she should tell me she and her husband pay a financial adviser who "looks after everything for us". She said: "I have no idea how...
  6. Kayman

    Professional Financial Adviser Fees

    Hi all. This is my first post here and hope that the subject matter is of an appropriate nature to this particular forum. My financial portfolio, an allocated pension fund, which consists mainly of managed funds, is within a wrap account. Because of my limited knowledge in relation to...