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  1. derangedlawyer

    DeFi - decentralized finance

    Haven't seen a thread on DeFi, aka the hottest **** in crypto since last year. Anyone been using Curve, YFI, AAVE, etc to borrow, lend or make sick APRs? Anyone got lucky with retroactive airdrops such as UNI, DIGG, and now TORN? Share your stories, ask questions.
  2. A

    Starting Our Network

    Hello! I'm a 21 year old recent uni graduate in Economics and Finance. I've recently started trading again and would really like to build up my network in the stock trading world. In the past ive seen great returns but I'm fully aware of my limitations. Knoweledge and disciussion is the key to...
  3. So_Cynical

    Videos - Economics, Finance, Stock Picking and Analysis

    A Thread where all ASF contributors can post finance, economics and stock related videos. I watch a few every week and figured it would be a good idea to have a thread where we could collect the best of them, build a resource. I'll kick this of with a great video by Ray Dalio of Bridgewater...
  4. H

    Which free financial newspapers do you read?

    Reading news can sometimes be detrimental to trading performance. Hence, I am most unwilling to pay to read financial news. I would rather channel the savings to buy good-quality financial data. However, not reading at all is uncomfortable because as introverts, I presume all of us love reading...
  5. System

    AXL - Axsesstoday Limited

    Axsesstoday provides Lease and Chattel Mortgage finance to small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) at the retail point-of-sale, in real-time through a streamlined online portal. It is anticipated that AXL will list on the ASX during December 2016.
  6. System

    LCA - Litigation Capital Management

    Founded in 1998, Litigation Capital Management are one of Australia's most experienced Litigation Finance companies. LCM are specialists in providing Litigation Finance to enable the pursuit and successful recovery of funds from legal claims. It is anticipated that LCA will list on the ASX...
  7. E

    Entering the Finance Industry

    Hey guys i'm starting university next year, looking to get ultimately into the finance industry. Not sure where yet its a pretty massive industry. I'm thinking investment banking/venture capital, ultimate goal of a hedge fund. Like every other guy right ;) So i'm going to do a BA in commerce...
  8. T

    Investment/Finance bookshops in Sydney

    Does anyone know of any investment / finance bookshops in Sydney, like Educated Investor bookshop in Melbourne?
  9. J

    Formal finance qualifications - useful?

    Hi all, I work in retail banking at the moment, and am looking down the track at career prospects. I am considering starting a Master of Applied Finance through Kaplan in the new year. Ideally I would like to get to a combination of: 1. a position where I can make a large portion of my...
  10. M

    What Investing and Finance tasks would you outsource?

    Hi all, Interested in learning what tasks as an investor you would be interested in outsourcing? (assume high quality freelancers). Research? Analysis? Portfolio tasks? Very interested in your views. Cheers and thanks, JP Freelance Finance experts. Globally. www.******.com
  11. A

    Finance Education

    Hi, i'm just about to finish my final two exams this week in my accounting/finance double major. i have got a job lined up beginning in January next year at a accounting firm. this semester i've basically done my whole finance section of the major and getting really interested in it. but i...
  12. Rastan

    Finance: University of QLD vs. QUT?

    Hi Everyone, I was hoping to garner some opinions on which university would be better do do a post graduate finance course out of UQ and QUT. I completed my IT degree with a GPA of 6.5 and after 10 years of IT am considering a change of job. I have only been researching stock trading for 6...
  13. ak98

    Video education - finance

    Books on finance can be a little dry. Advancement of your education can now be achieved via use of downloadable lectures, seminars etc. I thought I'd start a thread for links to these resources. To kick things off something to peak your interest. Keynsian and Austrian theories as...
  14. T

    Finance and Market Trackers?

    Hi all, i was having a look at the Yahoo finance site and Just wondering if anyone uses Screening programs such as the Yahoo-Finance and market traker or similair? I see with these programs you can screen the markets with real time data for Highest Volume largest sales revenue strong...