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  1. bowman

    Fib Retrace and other pullback trades

    When breakout patterns are thin on the ground there's always the retrace trade. Here's five contenders.
  2. SGB

    200 DMA Fib Retracement

    The 200 day moving average or 200DMA is probably the most used moving average indicators used for the longer term position prespective. As shown in the TOLL example along with the Fibonaci retracement tool, a blend of support and resistant points, the 200 DMA can really give a guide to what...
  3. James Austin

    Trading Fibonacci numbers

    Some people swear by the validity and robustness of Fibonacci numbers as a support & resistance trading tool. Below is an example using a FTSE futures 10min chart, from yesterday 20/2/09. The yellow circle is the starting point (zero; green line 3947 on chart 1.) for setting the fib...