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    How to trade Internationally (U.S Taxes, Fees, etc.)

    Hi everyone, I am new to trading and would like some advice on getting in to the international market, specifically the U.S. I have an international nabtrade account and I am aware that there are FX Spreads, brokerage fees and custodian fees but I cannot find specifics on taxing and anything...
  2. J

    Interactive Brokers Fees

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if someone can clarify the fees for me on IB. I have an individual cash account with around 25K trading in stocks only. I'm having trouble working out the fees involved with IB. Currently I pay brokerage with IB of $25 USD for each US listed stock and $30 AUD for all...
  3. A

    Cheapest Fees SMSF platform?

    I am looking for the cheapest fees (including auditing fees) SMSF platform. I am not interested in investment advise. I would like to use Westpac as external broker but I do not want to use the SMSF platform (BT investment) offered by the same bank. Any advise? Thanks!
  4. A

    Fees involved when buying and selling shares

    Can someone "list" all the fees that could be expected when buying or selling shares?
  5. B

    Typical fees for CFD trades?

    Hi. I'm currently trying out the demo version of the CommSec CFD trading platform. I've made a $700 profit, of which $307.30 was deducted in commissions. That's almost 44%! Is that fairly typical of what brokers are charging these days? Does anyone know of a more fairly priced (but still...
  6. F

    CMC Advisor Service Fee

    Unbelievable!! I was looking at my CMC account, and noticed I have been charged $2.99 for an "advisor service fee". I wasn't too sure what it was for, but remembered I sent them an email querying them about something. I want to email them to ask what they charged me $2.99 for, but they will...
  7. I

    A 2014 comparison of futures brokers for Aussie and US bonds

    Hi all, Ive been looking around for a futures broker that deals with Australian and US bond futures. Currently I am using AMP Futures as I've found them to be the cheapest. So far the service and data have been acceptable. The downside is that when placing an order there is almost half a...
  8. Ferret

    International Transaction Fees

    These are the bank fees on credit card charges processed outside Australia and they are really starting to bug me. My bank is up-front about them and has provided details of what the charges will be for making international charges. The problem is it's often not possible to anticipate that...
  9. S

    Why is my Commsec brokerage $80?

    Hi guys, A few days ago I submitted a sell order below $25k. The day I submitted the order brokerage appeared to be $32. Today it's ramped up to $80. I'm just curious to know why this happens and how I can avoid the additional $50. Thanks
  10. P

    Calculating fees when buying options and how to exercise them before expiry?

    Hi, Anyone know how to calc fees in buying options? According to Etrade it is: AU$0.143 per Equity Option AU$0.495 per Index Option But how do I know it is an index or equity option? Would TTEO or SSNO be equity options? If I buy 10K worth of TTEO ($10,000 / 0.015 = 666,666...
  11. M

    $10 Transaction fee on Commsec margin loan

    Hi, Can someone with a commsec margin loan please tell me if they are charged extra $10 'Transaction Fee' for margin loan buying/selling? Look at Margin_Lending -> Commsec Margin Lending->Variable rate loan (history). ie. For <$10k I get charged $19.95 brokerage + $10 transaction fee. (all...