Australian (ASX) Stock Market Forum


  1. Joe Blow

    Website design and forum functionality feedback

    Looking forward, I need to have a better understanding of what people like in terms of website/forum design and functionality and what they don't. So, with that in mind I have the following questions: 1. What elements of the current website/forum design do you like and want to see retained in...
  2. knockturne

    Looking for some feedback for a research project

    Hey everyone, I'm currently doing some research on peoples views on the investing in the stockmarket at uni. If any of you 4 or so minutes to fill out a survey I've put together it would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to hit me up if you have any...
  3. Smalltimeguy

    Feedback (and direction) for starting out small (ETF)

    Hi all, With so much books, official websites and forums with advice on how to start trading, rather than be a burden and ask step by step how to trade, I'd simply like to have ya'll with experience check my current line of thoughts before I continue on and invest more time getting deep into...
  4. A

    AEPS property management feedback

    Has anyone here dealt with AEPS? Or its owners Kerrie-Ann and Alan Trathan? any feedback please??
  5. darkhorse70

    My first review of TRS - Feedback welcome

    Ok so I thought I will do a quick review of my trading plan/strategy and thought process. Firstly Id like to thank tech/a and canoz for always answering my noobie questions and helping me get my bearings. So this review is of TRS (the reject shop) On friday afternoon i saw that the TRS had...
  6. Joe Blow

    Give me your suggestions, complaints and feedback!

    Hi Everyone! It's astonishing how fast ASF is growing. Lately even I've been finding it difficult keeping up with all the threads and posts, especially as I juggle running this site with my day job. It occurred to me today that even though I feel things are going okay that feeling might not...