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federal budget

  1. Tink

    Budget 2019

  2. pixel

    The Budget 2016 - Same old? Or new direction?

    Much hype and expectation on "Budget Eve". Will Turnbull-Morrison deliver? Anybody care to hazard a guess? I have listened in at tonight's QandA and a few comments touched on early concerns and expectations. "The SINKs and DINKs will have to shoulder the Load", one comment read. That seems to...
  3. pixel

    Budget 2015

    Tomorrow is the Big Day - again. Has Hockey learned from last year's PR disaster? Given the overall less favourable state of the economy, can he offer a better balance of wants and needs? Can he find a fairer social balance? And how will the Senate view and vote? Anybody care to offer an...
  4. B

    Budget 2014

    What are the predictions? And how does that affect your investments?
  5. Lisa Edwards

    Australia Plans Cyprus-Style "Bail-In" Of Banks In 2013-14 Budget

    Hi all, First post to share some news that I think should be discussed. Looking forward to being apart this forum also. Please note that we are the "depositors" our personal savings accounts. Full link here ...
  6. Garpal Gumnut

    Budget 2013

    I had waited for someone else to commence a thread on the budget, being delivered tomorrow night, in less than 24 hours. I am unsure whether the lack of such a thread is due to a general malaise in our ASF community or to challenged moderation. I am a bit beyond trying to stimulate people...
  7. K

    Federal Budget 2009 highlights

    Thought it may be appropriate to get a thread started so we can all comment on what changes are made and how it will affect each of us....regardless of all the so called leaked information....there is usually some really bad stuff in there that has not been leaked... cheers
  8. The Mint Man

    The budget, what's your thoughts?

    As the thread title says, whats your point of view. I think that its a fairly good budget. Education gets a big shot in the arm, thats always good IMO. Tax cuts are good for us tax payers. Discuss.
  9. Duckman#72

    Budget 2006

    Well the budget's out....and more far reaching than the conservative budget the forecasters were expecting. Top rate of tax $150K, 30c per dollar up to $75k and cuts to tax to super!! Might not be so attractive to holders of Great Southern and other tax effective investments and also...