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  1. Boggo

    MTPredictor FAQ

    Just thought I would open a new thread here to answer any questions about MTPredictor software rather than clogging other threads. In answer to Caveroute's question on the Futures thread the answer is yes, I would. I probably need to expand on that a bit though. If anyone thinks they are...
  2. CanOz

    NinjaTrader FAQ

    I'm struggling to get my continuous contract for the TW to load merged & back adjusted. It will load 365 days worth of data, but the rollover is still there....I've changed the settings under options/data, and then in the instrument setting itself, used the continuous contract TW ##-## and it...
  3. RichKid

    Amibroker FAQ

    This thread is for fellow Amibroker users to help each other out. If there is a very specific project you are carrying out which is likely to deviate from a general faq type thread then you are welcome to start a new thread. There was some discussion of how to use Amibroker in one of the...
  4. A

    Metastock FAQ

    MODERATOR'S NOTE: This thread is for general Metastock discussions. If you have a specific project or complicated issue in mind which may require extensive replies please feel free to start a new thread on the topic; but remember to search the forums first to make sure there aren't any existing...