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  1. Tomboy77

    Awaiting a global downturn...??

    Hi all, There has been plenty of news lately of a looming global downturn, with Trump and China's trade war, Australia's reliance on China as our major trading partner, and Australia's long overdue 'pendulum swing' into a what could be another 'recession we had to have'. So, as a new investor...
  2. basilio

    Family responsibilities

    Does this letter ring any bells amongst ASF posters ? Thoughts ? A letter to... my lazy wife and children You kids are out of school now: life should be sweet. It isn’t I was a teenager when I began working 42 years ago, and I’ve stuck it through tough times. You kids are out of school now...
  3. Garpal Gumnut

    Family Stress and Teenage Self Harm and Suicide

    The condition of psychological problems and self harming of teenagers and the stress of families in Australian society seems not to be discussed openly online. As caring parents and grandparents in the ASF community this is an opportunity to discuss it. Perhaps even a teenager with a grasp of...
  4. explod

    Critically Ill Family

    I have kept this to myself for a few days but just thought others may have experience in helping family to cope with a dreadful tragedy. Yaan, my Step Grandson is 24 years and after work last Tuesday whilst riding his motor cycle was hit by a car, ran over his head according to reports and...
  5. N

    Investing in Property with Family

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone has had any experience or has any tips on investing in property with family members? I'm 21 and my sister is 18, we're both currently at university studying so is going to materialise for a few years yet. At this stage i'm in the process of educating myself in my...