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family trust

  1. R

    Charles Schwab

    Does anyone have a Charles Schwab (international) account for a family trust with a corporate trustee? I've been trying to open one up and they're telling me they want a $3M minimum balance due to the complex structure. That's a pretty jump from the $100K min for trusts with individual / joint...
  2. qldfrog

    Cash saving account for family trust

    Anyone knowing where you can open a decent return saving account for a family trust (corporate trustee) I suspect UBank does not accept application from trusts (to be confirmed: i just asked Ubank) if anyone has been through this search before, I would appreciate their feedback
  3. P

    Buying Shares Through a Family Trust

    Hi guys, This is my first post and I'm very new to the share market. I tried searching for my answers but I couldn't find anything that hit the nail on the head. Here is my situation: I have a company that was set up so that it could be licensed to operate another business. The profits...
  4. P

    Advice on how to wind up a family trust

    Had a family trust for a few years but now thinking its not really worth it, my daughter has joined the workforce and my wife works so our savings this year were less than the fees for running the family trust, also im moving more and more to SMSF but that’s with esuperfund, not my accountant, I...
  5. L

    Liquidation of family trust assets and capital gains tax

    Hi I am executor for an estate that that holds shares in a family trust. Some of these shares have been held for 10-15 years and have accrued significant capital gain. Can people give me an idea of the kinds of ways of dealing with capital gains tax as the assets are liquidated and the...
  6. B

    How much stamp duty when setting up a family trust?

    Just wanted to see if anyone knows the cost of stamp duty in NSW for setting up a family trust?
  7. M

    How to best utilise family trust assets

    Morning All, First time out on this Forum and I would apreciate a bit of guidance with my family trust that was set up a couple of years ago, to hold a small amount of shares in the company I work for. My understanding of the mechanics of the trust are pretty basic, but my kids are now all...
  8. F

    Investing through a family trust

    Hi, I understand that investing in shares through a Family trust gives more flexibility at least this is what I was told by my accountant. I did not have the opportunity to discuss that further with him which why I am posting my questions here. I understand that one of the benefit of investing...
  9. S

    Family Trust vs. Company

    Hey guys, i want to know the advantages and disadvantages of starting a family trust/company to invest in property and shares, or is just better to do neither? thx in advance