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expiry date

  1. D

    European Options - Can I close position before Maturity/Expiry?

    I have a question on European Options - Can I close position before Maturity / Expiry? Since most of the Index options are European style so was wondering if I can close the Option before expiry. Say I bought Put option for SPX 500 when Index was at 3000 and in next few days if the index goes...
  2. BinksInTown

    Rolling and expiry dates for emissions futures contracts

    Hello, I'm trying to work with historical prices of futures on emissions EUA, which I downloaded from Bloomberg terminal. I have timeseries which span years, and I need to find corresponding rolling dates and expiry dates. Questions: for given below contract description, MO13 Comdty, what does...
  3. L

    Options expiry dates?

    Maybe someone can help me, Whats the difference between trading an option that expires in Sept opposed to Oct? The only difference is the oct is price is a little higher, but the move the same direction? For eg: crude oil (sept) - 9674, crude oil (oct) - 9717 But if it goes up, they both go...